page 7 scripts and winner

22 03 2010

script by Rob Kraneveldt

Panel 1: The sun is setting rapidly.  Our character starts to walk briskly, leaving a path of trampled flowers in his wake.

NARRATOR: The darkness is coming.

Panel 2: There are no more flowers here, only dense, thick jungle.  He is practically running now.  The sun is barely visible now and sits lower in the sky.

NARRATOR: He runs towards it.  Maybe if he can catch it, he can keep the darkness away.

Panel 3: We are in very dim light.  The tree canopy makes it even darker.  He is lost now.  He is standing trying to get his bearings, hands pressed against his temples in frustration.  One of the larger trees near him is hollowed out.

NARRATOR:  Lost.  Confused.  He does not know what to do.

Panel 4: He sees the large hollowed out tree and takes a closer look.

NARRATOR: His only instinct is to hide and maybe the blackness won’t find him.

Panel 5: He crawls into the hollow opening.

NARRATOR: It is not as quiet now.  Strange calls and jungle noises echo in the darkness.


Panel 6: He is sitting up in a fetal position hugging his knees.  He is barely visible now.  His terrified eyes really stand out.

NARRATOR:  He is terrified.  He closes his eyes.

Panel 7: This panel is totally black.



script by AJ

Panel 1: As the man looks to the sky he sees something on fire falling to the ground while he is unsure of what it is he went to see what it was that had fallen.

Narrator: He has so many questions, but noway to get answers.

Panel 2: As the man goes over to it he see a hole in the ground from where it had landed, but he doesn’t pick it up he just looks at it.

Narrator: He is unsure of what this is, but he some how knows it’s safe.

Panel 3: We zoom out to see it’s a gold box with a diamond on the top, it also has these strange symbols on it that intrgied him even though their meanings were unknown.

Narrator: He knows nothing of himself, but some how knows this box.

Panel 4: As he picked up the box a blue lady walks up behind him, he backs away, but notices she has something around her neck that looks to open the box.

Narrator: He is unsure of the lady, but some how knows she won’t harm him.


Well everyone very sorry for this delay have been very busy, this is the two contest entries and the chosen one is AJ script just because i think will add a lot of new dinamics to the comic, its going to add a new character and some new elements to the story, and because is only 4 panels long i can have a movie like aproach to the scene.

congrats AJ the page will be done in a couple of days for sure


page 6 is HERE…

11 03 2010

sorry for all this delay, i have been very busy but i already started page 6 and in a couple of days will be done.

page six is finally done and up. i finished yesterday but was able to upload it only today.

here it his, try a little different aproach on the lettering.

Page script byRob Kraneveldt

Deadline for next page is until thursday march 18th

page 5

6 03 2010

this is page 5 artwork. as you can see the lettering is diferent, i think more fluid and easy to read but i was hoping for some feedback on this.

i already have the new script from Rob and i ll start with the page ASAP.

New FONT needed

5 03 2010

i need sugestions for a new font for The native, i have received a lot of sugestions to this and i want to change it. please give me sugestions for what exactly you want to change for this become a better comicbook

let the submitions for page 5 flow…

28 02 2010

so page 4 is finished its time to know who goes next. i m revoking the previous entry of the winner can’t compete again, you can compete for every page even if you won the previous won, so like this we can be sure that the best will allways win.

so Ryan and Rob you are welcome to compete again.

please submit your script for page 5 in this post, deadline is until wed march 3rd. and i will decide the way this goes, can’t wait what comes next to The Native.

this is a cover i did for The Native

page 4

28 02 2010

with watercolor filter esque theme

congrats to Ryan again, great page and love the joke. hope you like the style.

please comments and critics to the art style.

i think like better the previous one but i m not quite sure.

what do you think???

Page 3 out

27 02 2010

this is page 3 congrat Rob hope it fits your script, i changed the style again this one has a oil painting filters that i think work very well for the mood of the story, for page four i ll go for a more watercolor mood. i m experimenting a lot hope no one minds about it.

comments and critics to the art work and to the storytelling are very welcomed.